Whilst growing up in former country USSR, I was educated by great masters in Art school. My first job out of school was as a graphic artist. Then I joined the Army and my duty was not only military service but design and art. From 1985 till 1992 I studied at the Historical Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. Among other things, I studied art history and paid much attention to art, took part in many exhibitions as an artist. But things got not so well at that time, I had to change my life and ran some busiesses, such as touristic agency (Mexico), classical music agency, aviation logistic, etc. In the early 2000th, I started work in the film industry. It was a really exciting new thing I’m doing with my life. It was very cool to develop media projects but I missed art. I took up photography, more or less by chance mainly as a part of art and joined the Classic photography school and I was happy to learn from the great masters. But photography was only the part of my life and in a few years finally, I dare fulfill my dream of being a fulltime photographer and artist. It`s not easy but I am supported by my family in this way. In the last 8 years I putting all experience of my life into the practice of art and commercial photography, creating monumental art and developing projects in the field of art and advertising.

Clients include:

  • Pettel Design
  • Obraz Zhizni foundation ( Way of life Fund)
  • Daryacshie nadezdy foundation ( Givin the hope fund)
  • Mishiko company
  • Miratorg company
  • Mimikri
  • Pushkin Theater (Moscow)
  • Krusher (Sergey Kovalev boxing club)
  • Russkiy Bereg , Eco -park&resort
  • O2TV channel
  • Picats

Publications include:

  • Glamur magazine
  • Mel
  • Nozh
  • Life magazine
  • Bauer
  • ArchiDom
  • Dog Milk magazine
  • Design Mate
  • Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Random Exhibits:
2019 Moscow Artists Union /The Monumental art section/ «love to Botany», Moscow.

2019 Moscow Artists Union /The Monumental art section/ «Monumentum», Moscow.

2019 Moscow Artists Union /The Monumental art section/ «Graphic Art», Moscow.

2018 Parkzoo International fair, Personal photo exhibition “Pet eyes”, Moscow.

2017 Parkzoo International fair, Personal photo exhibition “Fur Portraits”, Moscow.

2015 Library for Foreign Literature Rudomino / Exhibition “Classical Photography”